December 13, 2013

Build a Team

James Neufeld by James Neufeld
The video above features stories from local Edmonton entrepreneurs and was filmed for GEW 2013. The part that didn’t make the cut was talking about team building.

Founders have varying motives for starting companies. Solving problems, making money, being their own boss, etc – I haven’t yet met a founder that didn’t have respectable or agreeable motives.

Something I did not realize before starting a company is that your motive for starting something and continuing something can be very different – i.e. if you’re motivated to be your own boss and subsequently start a company, you might come to wish you had a boss when things get tough.

At SAM, the starting motivation was personal frustration and a deep passion for an industry that desperately wants to reinvent itself. While this hasn’t lessened (the opposite), some of my own personal starting motivations are no more.

It’s far too early for us to proclaim bold statements on how to motivate yourself, your team and network. But here’s an early observation: Team building is one of the most gratifying and motivating factors post starting your company. Enough cannot be said on the power of teams.

Our equation has been very simple on team building, which is 1 + 1 = 5 or more. Meaning; two or more people, when united, creates an exponential net increase in output, reach and expertise. These people can be anyone, from anywhere, with varying skill sets – so long as they are multipliers not additions.

At SAM we are a proud team of multipliers.

– James A. Neufeld

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