February 4, 2015

Mega Update: Captions, Single Embeds & SAM Studio

James Neufeld by James Neufeld

Since launching SAM publishing only 4 months ago, we’ve been very excited by the uptake and different uses by our customers, from UGC maps of the Ferguson protests by the Financial Times to Charlie Hebdo galleries on the Wall Street Journal and snow storms on the Toronto Star.

Beyond the initial usage, we’ve been listening, watching, and working close with our users to refine and make SAM Publishing even better. If you haven’t figured it out by now, this is how we do! Today we are pleased to announce a suite of new tools, refinements, and options for SAM Publishing.

First up we have two new exciting options rolling out to all SAM users immediately, regardless of your plan size. Now every SAM user can add publicly visible captions to an asset and embed individual social media assets outside of a collection.

SAM Captions are the easiest way to annotate UGC and social media content. Our users have been asking for a way to translate foreign language content and to add context, editors notes, and all around value to Social Media Curation. We think that SAM Captions are a small but powerful step towards better UGC & Social Media Storytelling.


SAM Single Embeds, on the surface, seem exactly like native social media embeds like you would see from Twitter or Instagram. Beneath the surface, however, there is a lot going on. For starters, you can add captions. Second, all SAM Embeds are a streamlined designed making your pages look neat, tidy, and mobile friendly vs the awkward differences between the many social network styles. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, is the fact that all SAM Assets are monitored for their integrity. This means that if someone deletes the original content or makes changes to it, you will be fully aware. And, for the bonus round, this means you can now do individual Facebook post embeds.

Today we’re also announcing a major new framework exclusively for our Enterprise Level Customers called SAM Studio. Studio enables large publishers and broadcasters to design their own embed templates and themes. Enterprise customers can now build on top of SAM’s Gallery, List, Columns & Map layouts (with more coming) to make them entirely their own, right down to the fonts, colours, and transitions. Branding is important and so is consistent user experience; SAM Studio is the beginnings of a very powerful framework which will allow advanced customizations without the need of any programming or technical skills.

One of our main goals here at SAM is to power great social media storytelling in a seamless and ethical way. We think that SAM Studio is a massive leap forward on all of these fronts. It puts the content (and the content owner) up front and centre, but in a way that readers and viewers won’t think of it as a flashy social media embed or some 3rd party bolt on with ads or bloated branding. Some of our largest customers are starting to roll out SAM Studio, so watch this space for embeds that don’t look anything like embeds. Or if you would like to learn about your organization getting access to SAM Studio, please get in contact.

Let us know what you think of all of these updates – or perhaps you have suggestions and idea for future releases. Get is contact with us on Twitter @SAM_Desk!

Happy Curating,
Team SAM

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