April 13, 2015

Welcome to SAM Lists

James Neufeld by James Neufeld

Today we’re very excited to release another highly requested feature set.

SAM Lists are here!

There is a lot to be said for the simplicity of lists. In the case of social search, knowing who to follow is by far the most simplistic and perhaps the most fruitful way to find quality content. Now SAM allows you to keep track of your most important, interesting, and insightful Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts in one simple, unified list.

SAM Lists not only enable you to keep track of important accounts across social networks, but the combination of SAM Lists & SAM Wires is especially powerful. As part of our revamped wire structure (see below), pin-pointing content in a SAM List is incredibly easy. You can search your lists for images, specific terms, and track uploads by location.

SAM Lists are also fully collaborative; everyone within a SAM account can create, view, and edit SAM Lists. This is an improvement upon other social media lists as you can now build them together while keeping the list internal to your team.

We’re especially excited to be launching SAM Lists in time for the UK general election on May 7th. With the addition of lists, SAM users can now track every politician, across every constituency and across every major social platform. Read about how we’re powering the UK Press Association’s election coverage here.

Revamped Wires

Lastly, we’re announcing a revamped structure for SAM Wires. In order to get the full advantage of lists and other SAM searches we now have specific term, list, location, and Advanced Wires, each of them optimized for that specific type of social search. Here is the quick tutorial on the new Wire structure. We think you’ll like it!

We hope that everyone is as excited about today’s update as we are. As always, if any one has questions or wants to get in touch, you can reach us on Twitter or here.

Happy curating!

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