May 15, 2015

Search Wires Chronologically with Time Filter

Jordan Ching by Jordan Ching

One of the key features of SAM is to make finding relevant social media content as quick and easy as possible. Wires provide a powerful method of searching multiple social networks for trending topics and filtering out excessive noise. Today, we’re improving on this core functionality with the addition of another powerful tool: time filtering.


While previous wires have made searching for breaking news expedient, there was no functionality which allowed a story to be easily put together from social media that had been posted in the preceding days. With time filtering, you can now specify a window of time up to seven days previous, making recaps of the prior week’s events or searching for time-sensitive content a snap. The time filter is also time zone aware, meaning searching for international news is just as straightforward as finding local content. Combined with the pre-existing suite of search and filtering tools in SAM Wires, finding relevant content is now easier than ever.

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