July 22, 2015

Team Opening: Frontend Developer

Sean Solbak by Sean Solbak

At SAM, we power social media newsgathering for the world’s top newsrooms and media companies. Our users are journalists, editors, producers and storytellers. We enable them to search across social media for high value breaking news content. Once content has been identified, we enable the most comprehensive curation and publishing workflows.

We’re looking for someone that can design, build and execute a great responsive frontend. We believe our frontend and UX is strong, but we always strive to make things better. This role will be our second frontend developer, so the new candidate will be joining a world-class frontend dev to form a dream team (along with a killer backend dev team you will work closely with).

Job Duties & Responsibilities

  • Code and build frontend web applications
  • Develop for the mobile web (not native iOS or Android clients)
  • Develop using Backbone.js, LESS/CSS, and HTML to hook into a Node.js backend. Develop unit tests to automate frontend testing.
  • Make complex features look and function great online and on mobile
  • Must have an eye for functional and great user experiences with the ability to code as well as an understanding of modern JavaScript frameworks
  • Being able to design is a major bonus

Education & Experience

  • We would like to see a minimum 4 or more years experience working in a team or startup
  • No minimum education required; if you can do it, prove it


  • Dev Quarters are based in Edmonton, Canada (pictures here)
  • Candidate must be Canadian citizen but location is flexible (although check this out)

To apply send a resume or link to sean@samdesk.io

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