February 23, 2016

Update: New Asset Window and Asset Singularity

Sean Solbak by Sean Solbak

Today we rolled out several updates to make SAM workflows flow even better.  Some are fairly subtle behind the scenes changes, others will be a noticeable improvement on how you manage your UGC and common workflows. Here is the full breakdown of what is new.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 12.42.39 PMScreen Shot 2016-02-23 at 12.42.39 PM

Asset Window:

  1. On the top left you will see a new and simplified way of working with assets in multiple stories, simply click the drop down to add into multiple stories.
  2. User insights has received a small visual update to save space
  3. When you scroll into the users history (their past Tweets/Uploads) you can click into them for more in-depth inspection
  4. We have consolidated Tags & Notes into a slick new workflow (see the new lightening bolt!) tab. Everything in one place vs multiple tabs.
  5. A new streamlined permission request tab making easier to clear media rights and usage.

Asset Singularity: Say goodby to duplicate assets in different stories with different tags, notes and status. Now, even if you have the same content in multiple stories, it will be only be one asset in SAM. This means when you set the Tags and Notes, it will be reflected anywhere that asset is being used.

Library: As our customers continue to grow their asset counts (well into the tens of thousands), proper library access and management is a growing need. Today we’re rolling out the first version of the SAM library. The library is where you can access all content in your account.

A big part of this update was really about laying the ground work even more features we have in the pipeline. In the next while you can expect a few more workflow updates that will really speed up curation and media rights clearance.

That is all for now folks!

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