May 31, 2016

Tying into Facebook Signal

Sean Solbak by Sean Solbak

Facebook is one of the most important social networks for social media newsgathering. As the single largest social network it’s no surprise it holds the largest potential for quality UGC. However, searching, verify and curating UGC can be somewhat of a challenge. Facebook Signal aims to tick off some of those boxes for newsrooms, and perhaps most significantly by providing one of the only ways to search for Facebook content outside of itself.

In efforts to bridge the worlds of Facebook content and SAM powered workflows we’re excited to launch an updated Chrome Extension (download here) that brings the power of SAM into Facebook Signal.

As of today, SAM users who have Signal access will be able to get the two platforms to mesh in several handy ways.

1) Insights on Facebook users: Now you can get the bigger picture on Facebook users, including their full upload history, upload patterns, common terms and mentions.

Slice 1Slice 1

2) Collision protection: Avoid having multiple staff collide on the same piece UGC. If one of your colleagues is already working on a Facebook asset (to curate, verify, obtain rights, etc.) the SAM Chrome Extension will show you the full status of any Facebook asset right inside of Signal.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 3.23.12 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-31 at 3.23.12 PM

3) Curation: Curate and collect the very best content directly from Signal into your SAM library or Stories. This means any public Facebook content becomes a seamless part of your larger SAM workflows and storytelling – across embeds, liveblogs and broadcast. Something a little like this!

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