January 18, 2017

Product Update: Collections

Almar Sheikh by Almar Sheikh

The SAM Collections tab is home for publishers and brands looking to curate social content. Over the past few weeks we’ve been hard at work adding new features to further streamline your social newsgathering workflow.

Let’s take walk through the reimagined Collections experience to make sure you don’t miss a beat.

Creating a Collection

First, let’s start by creating a new collection:

1. Navigate to the menu bar and select Collections.

2. Name your Collection.

3. Click “Create Collection”.

1. Create and Name1. Create and Name

4. If you’re looking to collaborate on this story, invite specific users or open your Collection to anyone at your organization. If you do neither, the Collection will remain private and only be visible to you.

2. Choose collabs2. Choose collabs

Social Search

Next, let’s search for some social content that pertains to the story you are trying to tell:

1. Enter a key term or hashtag into the search bar. This will tell SAM to search the social networks for any mention of the specified term or hashtag.

3. Term search3. Term search

2. To refine your search, click “Advanced Settings”. Here, you can search by location, define specific media types, or adjust which social networks to query.

4. Advanced search setting4. Advanced search setting


Now that you’ve found some social content relevant to your story, it’s time to start curating:

1. To add a social asset to your collection, drag and drop from the search panel to the centre of the screen or click the “Add to Collection” button on the asset card.

5. Drag n' drop5. Drag n' drop

2. If you’d like to import a piece of social content from outside SAM, simply copy and paste the content’s URL into the import bar at the top of the screen.

6. Import bar6. Import bar

3. To get a specific asset to remain at the top of your collection, pin it by clicking the star icon.

7. Pin asset7. Pin asset

4. To collaborate on a specific piece of content, click the lightning bolt icon on the asset card. From here you can categorize social assets with tags or leave notes for your team members.

8. Asset collab8. Asset collab


Lastly, it’s time to publish the great content you’ve just finished curating:


1. Start by selecting an embed template.

9. Embed template9. Embed template

2. To change the embed template, or any other embed setting like the title or cover image, click “Edit” and adjust as you see fit.

11. Edit Embed11. Edit Embed

3. Next, copy and paste the embed code straight into your website’s backend. If you’d like to see what this embed will look like before placing it on you site, click “Preview”.

10. Copy and paste embed code10. Copy and paste embed code

4. Once the Collection is embedded on your site you’ll be able to track the engagement metrics in real-time.

12. Metrics12. Metrics

The new Collections experience is currently available in-app and you can now conduct the entire social newsgathering process all from one place. Head over to SAM, try it out, and let us know what you think!

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