February 8, 2017

Product Update: New Verification Tools

Almar Sheikh by Almar Sheikh

For many, the processes and tools being used to verify social content are top of mind.

It’s likely that much of this mindfulness can be attributed to the political events that have recently transpired in the US and UK. While the full impact of these events has not yet been fully realized, it is clear that social media has had a very real impact on public perceptions — and following reactions.

Now, with the French elections in full swing, it’s important that we learn from the aforementioned events. Social coverage will affect campaigns, and unverified content will likely have a bigger, more consequential, impact.

In light of this, we’ve launched 3 new features to further empower social verification from within SAM:

Source Search

Hone in on a single user for a feed of activity across social networks. This type of search can help streamline information and save from having to bounce between multiple networks to compare posts for congruency.

Source searchSource search

Daylight Indicator

Visual indicators of time can be an additional signal of a posts trustworthiness. If a SAM search conducted in the midst of a political demonstration returns photos taken during the day, quickly verify whether it is day or night in the region where the demonstration is taking place.

Daylight IndicatorDaylight Indicator

Post Locations

A users post locations display each geo tagged post on a map, giving you a worldwide view of their social footprint. This allows you to understand what parts of the world they most frequent and assess the implications on the story you are covering.

Post LocationsPost Locations

Each of these features is now live within SAM. Use them in combination with our other 10 tools for a powerful, built-in verification workflow.

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