February 23, 2017

6 Ways to Curate Social UGC Using SAM

Almar Sheikh by Almar Sheikh

Everyone’s workflow is a bit different, especially when it comes to curating social UGC. With SAM, there are 6 different workflows to choose from — check them out below and use the ones that work best for you.

6 Ways To Curate Social Media Content

From Social Search: simply drag and drop assets from the search results, into a saved collection.

From Collections: streamline both search and curation by dragging and dropping assets from the quick-search column located within Collections.


With the Chrome extension: install the SAM Chrome extension to add social content to a collection without leaving the native social platform.

Via the URL import bar: if a social asset’s URL is emailed to you, add it to a collection by copying and pasting it into the import bar.

Using the quick-add button: using the quick-add button, curate social content in rapid succession as you scroll through your search results.

From the User Insights window: if you’re working to verify a social asset and have opened the User Insights window, add the assets to a collection using the drop-down menu.

Use the methods that best suit your workflow to quicken the social newsgathering process and improve the way you tell stories. Happy curating!