May 16, 2017

The Social Newswire

James Neufeld by James Neufeld

Here at SAM we live and breathe social and UGC workflows. More newsrooms and journalists use our platform to manage UGC than any other. This is deeply humbling, but also exciting. Exciting because it gives us a unique chance to solve some of the very large problems in the social media newsgathering and UGC space.

For anyone in the news industry you already know how important social media and UGC is to your business. Social is the first to the scene of every story and is now the conduit for politics, police, celebrities, athletes and more. In attempts to make sense of this new world, most newsrooms have no choice but to train and/or hire new staff to chase and vet UGC on their own. It can be expensive, cumbersome, a legal liability and damaging to their news brand if not done correctly. All too often hundreds of journalists bombard the same social media sources only to walk away with nothing.

To properly tackle social newsgathering on a worldwide scale you need to be fast, collaborative and have proven editorial standards.

That is why today we’re announcing the AP Social Newswire – a brand new service that lives directly inside of the SAM platform and is powered by the world’s largest and most trusted news agency.

The AP Social Newswire will offer an unprecedented real-time view of all the UGC that AP’s journalists are chasing, verify and clearing. Clients will not only have the benefit of receiving great social content, but also a transparent view of the status of each Tweet, Instagram and Facebook Video that AP processes.

“The AP Social Newswire allows customers to benefit from AP’s expertise in verifying user generated content, helping them sort out the real from the fake. Together with SAM, we are able to offer a powerful combination of content and technology to help newsrooms navigate the flood of photo and videos being shared across social media, especially in breaking news situations.” – Jim Kennedy, AP Senior Vice President for Strategic Planning

“Our UGC experts around the world use SAM to find, track, verify and collaborate around social content. The AP Social Newswire offers a window into that work — what we’re looking for, what we’ve found, and what we’ve authenticated or debunked.” – Eric Carvin, AP Social Media Editor

Because the AP Social Newswire lives directly inside of the SAM platform, it allows clients to easily drag n’ drop verified content into their own collections, workflows and embeds. Whether it be liveblogging, video production or broadcasting; workflow is extremely important in everything we do here at SAM. This partnership brings 3rd party verification and clearance right into the heart of the newsroom – making it that much easier to get the highest quality UGC to your readers and viewers while lowering the impact on social outreach.

This has been a hugely collaborative effort across editorial, executive and business teams at the AP. We couldn’t be more excited to innovate together with them as we work to push the industry forward.

Read Associated Press’ announcement here

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