July 7, 2017

Introducing SAM Lists: The First Ever Social Rolodex

Almar Sheikh by Almar Sheikh

Social media has become essential to finding eye-witness content from anywhere in the world. Increasingly, it’s also become a source of government communication, emergency response, and other forms of official updates. These official and known accounts are equally, if not more so, important to track for news updates.

The challenge is knowing which accounts to trust when you need them most. When a blast hits Manchester arena, who are the official police accounts to follow? When Trump Tweets something ridiculous, how do you track all the responses from democrats? This is the daily workflow for many journalists and reporters.

Today, the most common solution is a Twitter list, which many newsrooms rely on. However, Twitter lists are not maintained by any central body, users churn and become irrelevant and of course only supports Twitter accounts.

Until now there has been no way to effectively compile, maintain and search lists of the world’s most important social accounts.

Introducing SAM Lists…

SAM Lists are pre-curated and maintained cross-platform lists of politicians, sports teams, airports, emergency response accounts and more. They are fully verified and indexed, which means you can search for lists by topic, team, or city.

We think SAM Lists offer the ultimate social media rolodex, acting as your go-to resource for official updates. Different situations and stories usher different social responses, but often we can anticipate and prepare for many of them (like real-time updates from emergency services responding to the scene, official statements from different levels of government officials, and travel delays at main transport hubs).

After getting a social alert, quickly launch searches based on anticipated official updates or responses from high-profile individuals, like politicians or celebrities.

During big news events, like natural disasters or terror attacks, we can expect responses from emergency services offering official updates, politicians communicating to the public, and celebrities or public figures offering their support.

For the first time ever a database of organized social contacts, spanning multiple social networks, being actively updated and maintained, will be available to help you respond to any news event in the most timely fashion. The SAM platform continuously scans social profiles and public directories to detect changes in roles, teams, positions, or other indicators to make sure lists remain completely up-to-date.

We’re launching today with strong coverage of emergency response, government and sports – and continually growing as we verify can compile more lists.

Lastly, SAM users can also suggest edits, corrections or entirely new lists to be maintained by SAM. Early access users have been actively contributing to make the SAM lists database even better.

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