Case Study

Case Study: Charlotte Hornets

Managing large-scale live events and ensuring the safety of high profile athletes, staff and fans all while keeping operations running efficiently is no small task. In today’s fast changing and unpredictable environments, staying one or two steps ahead of a wide range of possible issues and threats is extremely complex, but required, and not to mention of the utmost importance.

We spoke with Freddrick Richardson, VP Arena Security and Public Safety for the Charlotte Hornets about how samdesk helps them keep their operations running smoothly.

What does your role involve?

My job here at the Hornets Sports and Entertainment is to ensure we keep a host of people and assets safe here at home and on the road.

How does samdesk help the Charlotte Hornets?

With so many moving parts, and many high-profile events being held at Spectrum Center, keeping a pulse on threats that may arise is a major ongoing challenge in today’s environment. This is where samdesk has become invaluable to our mission. Samdesk routinely alerts us to critical events that I need to know of, and often gives me precious lead time to prep, react and protect.

“…samdesk has become invaluable to our mission.”

The best-made plans can quickly fall apart if you are the last to know something has gone wrong. Samdesk detects emergency events at the earliest stage, allowing us to effectively track and manage crises in real-time – enabling us to make fast decisions that directly impact the arena experience and overall operations for players and fans alike.

What type of alerts do you act on?

Threats can emerge due to a whole host of factors – from severe weather, political commentary, violence, and everything in between. Beyond speed, it is crucial to have a platform that covers a wide breadth of events to ensure nothing slips through the cracks – samdesk has helped with a depth of coverage to streamlining our alerting and monitoring needs.


How samdesk helps large events & venues

Samdesk scans billions of data inputs daily, empowering customers to make accurate and informed decisions with more data and less workload, at a time when every second counts.


Security teams in the sporting and events industry who use samdesk get ahead

Speedy alerts

Tailored alerts to your area of interest by event type, region, severity, or proximity to your venues.

Situational awareness

Get eyes and ears on the ground fast as an incident unfolds.

Live updates

Get regular updates on nearby incidents, traffic patterns, local weather, and more.