Product Announcement

New Feature: Low Severity Filter

We’re excited to roll out a handy new feature to filter our low severity events to help reduce the volume of alerts in your stream while focusing on higher impact events.

The severity level of a Samdesk Alert is evaluated by machine learning as the event makes its way through the system, meaning when you see a Samdesk Alert you are receiving the most accurate analysis of the event’s severity in real-time. To account for the changing nature of live situational events, there is a comprehensive matrix in place which allows for severity to change as developing situations become clearer or escalate.

For example, an office lockdown starting at a medium severity level would change to a high severity level if it transpired there was a shooting causing multiple injuries or deaths. The location of an event is another escalation factor, as the system takes high-density areas such as schools, malls or airports into account when assigning a severity level.


Our new Low Severity Event Filter means that on the timeline above, if you had your Low Severity Event Filter switched on, you would receive a Samdesk Alert at 01:06 GMT, when it has become a medium severity event, rather than at 01:04 GMT as a low severity event. Put simply, the filter will remove low severity events from any Stream it’s applied to.

This works well for event types that are potentially noisy such as Earthquake, Flood, Power Outage etc… and can help organisations keep on track of the specific event types that are critical to their teams and clients. The filter, however, will need careful consideration before applying it.

The main question to consider when using the Low Severity Filter is whether you would like to wait for a situation to develop to a medium or high severity before receiving an Alert, or whether you would like to know in the earliest instance. You can also use the Low Severity Filter in combination with location parameters – meaning critical locations can be setup to receive all Samdesk alerts regardless of severity while building a Global Stream with Low Severity Filter enabled will reduce the total volume focusing on only events with high impact.

Finally, thank you to the brilliant samdesk users who continue to support and suggest features that improve not only their experience but everyone else's. All of our features and updates are a result of your time and effort spent giving feedback and working with us to improve the platform, so thank you and keep it coming!