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January 16, 2018

Dr. Osmar R. Zaiane Joins SAM Board as First Technical Appointment

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Company News

Dr. Osmar R. Zaiane Joins SAM Board as First Technical Appointment

The worldwide AI race is on. Governments around the globe are doubling down on investments in AI...

Product Announcement

Introducing SAM Lists: The First Ever Social Rolodex

Social media has become essential to finding eye-witness content from anywhere in the world. Increasingly, it’s also...

Tips & Tricks

3 Ways to Use SAM for the UK General Election

We’re one week away from the next UK General Election and newsrooms are in high gear. With...

Company News

Mark Little joins the SAM Board of Directors

Today I’m extremely pleased to announce that Mark Little has joined the SAM board of directors. Mark’s...

Company News Product Announcement

The Social Newswire

Here at SAM we live and breathe social and UGC workflows. More newsrooms and journalists use our...

Product Announcement

Introducing SAM Assignments: Helping to Reduce Outreach Collision and Bring Newsroom Collaboration Full Circle

In 2017, more newsrooms will be investing in social media and UGC newsgathering tools than ever before....

Tips & Tricks

UGC Workflow Basics: Setting Up Your Social Newsgathering Processes

Invest in workflow
In 2016, young adults listed social media as their main source of news. Even...

Tips & Tricks

6 Ways to Curate Social UGC Using SAM

Everyone’s workflow is a bit different, especially when it comes to curating social UGC. With SAM, there...

Tips & Tricks

Social Newsgathering: The Next Opportunity For Hyper-local News

For the better part of a year, the future of media has been a focal point of...

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