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April 13, 2015

Welcome to SAM Lists

See what else is new...
Product Announcement

Welcome to SAM Lists

Today we’re very excited to release another highly requested feature set.
SAM Lists are here!
There is...

Product Announcement

Facebook Search

On April 30, 2015 Facebook will officially close off access to v1.0 of its API. One of...


Curate Don’t Automate

The internet is making a stir about TSN’s blunder. They put an inappropriate Tweet on-air and legal...

Product Announcement

Mega Update: Captions, Single Embeds & SAM Studio

Since launching SAM publishing only 4 months ago, we’ve been very excited by the uptake and different...

Product Announcement

New Feature: User Insights

During breaking news or fast moving events it’s hard to know who to trust on social networks....


Putting the newsroom back in control

In the news industry we can’t predict the future to always be in the right place at...


Why the future of news is Storytelling

Gavin Sheridan, a great mind in the journalism community (formerly of Storyful), shared some solid points on why...

Behind the Scenes

Scaling SAM Embeds

One of the new features we added at SAM was the ability to embed Stories into a...

Product Announcement

Announcing SAM Publishing

Templates for publishing & Presenting social media Content
We’re excited to announce a new feature set we...

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