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Samdesk partners with DoorDash to help keep Dashers safe


DoorDash launches Real-Time Safety Alerts powered by samdesk

Dashers need to feel safe on every single order, so DoorDash delivered with samdesk.

DoorDash, an on-demand delivery platform, partnered with samdesk to provide Real-Time Safety Alerts for in-app notifications about any possibly unsafe situations nearby.

The world is more volatile and interconnected than ever and creating a safe working environment for gig economy workers is becoming a central focus for many companies. Samdesk’s global disruption detection platform with blazing fast real-time alerts provides the earliest warning indicators of a potential crisis and helps organizations of all sizes rapidly mobilize for a proactive emergency response – well ahead of traditional news and media monitoring platforms.

DoorDash leverages samdesk to support its in-app Real-Time Safety Alerts. When an emergency or disruption occurs, DoorDash notifies Dashers who are actively on a delivery of any incidents, so they can stay out of harm’s way. Additionally, all operations near the impacted area may be proactively suspended, and merchants and customers are also notified if the incident leads to a cancelled order.

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DoorDash Real-Time Safety Alerts powered by samdesk is active in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. More than 600,000 merchant locations are being monitored 24/7 for disruptions and in-app alerts have already been effective in preventing Dashers from entering areas with active shooter situations, bomb threats and building fires.

In addition to Real-Time Safety Alerts, DoorDash has rolled out several safety features during the past year to help Dashers deliver with more peace of mind, including:

Click here to read the DoorDash blog post on new technology and safety features to help Dashers stay safe before, during, and after every dash.

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January 26 2022

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