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SitRep Podcast: Tackling a Crisis Before It's a Crisis | A SitRep Look Back


Tackling a Crisis Before It's a Crisis

We've learned so much about business continuity, disaster preparedness and crisis management thanks to the numerous experts who've been on the show. However, it's worth repeating key points of information as we continue dealing with security challenges brought on by an ever-changing world. This is a look back at the most insightful conversations on SitRep so far.


  • Adam Conway, emergency management team lead at the University of Alberta
  • Mitch Paquette, researcher at Amnesty International's Crisis Evidence Lab
  • Mike Franklin, vice-president of risk management and community safety at Lions Gate Risk Management Group
  • Erica Fleishman, director of the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute and professor at Oregon State University
  • Victor Medina, president and CEO of Delta Strategic Solutions