Case Study

Case Study: University of Alberta

Find out why UAlberta trusts samdesk to help keep their institution safe.

Situation Details

How samdesk helps the University of Alberta

Samdesk uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and open-source data to detect crisis events within minutes of occurrence by scanning publicly available social and web data. Our alerts help the University of Alberta stay ahead of events that might impact operations and student safety both locally and globally.

Challenges & SOLUTIONS

Ensuring student safety in real-time

We spoke with Adam Conway, Emergency Management Team Lead at University of Alberta, about how his team uses samdesk.

Finding out faster

Samdesk has improved our time to awareness by hours, and in some cases even days.

Saving valuable time

Getting fast and tailored alerts saves time and ensures the safety of our students and faculty.

Real-time response

With samdesk we're able to rapidly respond, get people moving, or reassure that people are safe.

Customized alerts

Setting up multiple channels for different scenarios, or specific risks, gives us amazing virtual oversight.

Location relevance

Samdesk’s ability to monitor multiple regions at once is crucial to the safety of our global programs.

On-the-go monitoring

Our responders get Samdesk Alerts via email and text, allowing them to view events quickly on their phones.

Supporting local, in times of need

"Samdesk’s support to us and other responding agencies during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated their commitment to public safety and rapid response, and made us eager to use their technology."

Creating safer educational spaces

"We would highly recommend samdesk for finding real-time crisis alerts and keeping educational institutions safe.

Using samdesk has not only saved us time, but it has also made our institution a safer place to work and study in."


How does this help you?

Samdesk real-time crisis alerts help universities and school districts keep students, faculty, and educational institutions safe.

Proximity monitoring

Monitor campus safety and get alerted to any disruptions that happen near your campuses or facilities.

Reroute fast

Getting fast alerts means you can pivot quicker. Reroute buses, avoid delays, and mitigate student risk.

Foster a safe environment

We put the latest details at your fingertips so you can inform school leadership, faculty, and parents, as fast as possible.

Save crucial time

Industry-leading AI technology means samdesk customers get notified of crises 45 minutes faster on average vs traditional media.