Global Disruption Monitoring Powered by AI

Actionable insights and situational awareness

Learning about a crisis in the earliest instance can help you provide effective information and support to your teams, clients and operations.


Take action sooner,
keep on top of a developing situation

Real-time crisis alerts giving you continuous updates, eye-witness accounts, multimedia, and more.

Respond faster

Shave hours off of your response time, and gain crucial insight within minutes of an event unfolding.

Stay on top of information

Get the full picture as it's happening, with live updates on local traffic, time, weather, air quality, and more.

Make informed decisions

We help you act smarter and faster, with asset monitoring, curated event summaries, smart filters, and more.

Pivot efficiently

With live asset monitoring, you can reroute, prioritize, and adjust plans with confidence.

Situational Awareness

Dig into specifics and get the full picture

Get eye-witness accounts, live visuals, and relevant data to make the most informed decision.

Keep track of hyper-local information like weather, air quality, and official reports from emergency services.

Integrations and notifications

Crisis notifications right to your phone

Samdesk automatically notifies you, in your preferred method, as soon as there is an event near you or one of your assets. Get the information as it happens, at your desk, on your phone, and on the go!

Hyper Relevant

Location specifics that affect you and your business

Each Samdesk Alert includes an interactive map that shows you where an event is happening, and if any other incidents are occurring nearby.

Monitor what matters most to you and filter out the rest.

"Having access to breaking information from samdesk means that we keep on top of the various incidents and events that have the potential impact on our service delivery."

Paula Buckley

Head of Social Media - Aer Lingus