Tell great stories with social content

From politics and weather to sports and entertainment, social media is now the pulse of the planet. SAM makes it easy to turn raw social content into beautiful and customizable stories. Curate, organize, and style social media content, from any social network, to power any type of story.

The story is already being told, we help you find, curate, and publish it.

Telling a story from the perspective of eye-witnesses or those closest to the facts has never been more important. And without user generated content it’s increasingly difficult to tell the story at all.

SAM is the only end-to-end platform that allows newsrooms to capture real-time events and use them to power rich storytelling.

A style for every story.

SAM embed templates transform the way social content looks, feels, and behaves on your site.

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"SAM allows us to take the entire discussion outside Facebook and repackage it inside a fresh story. The tool allowed us to create a timeline-like summary and curate it manually, by having full control over which pieces of content would appear in it, and more importantly, in what order."

Financial Times

Maija Palmer

Save time, Automate your Curation

Save time by automating your curation from known or trusted social media accounts. Define rules and logic to help tell the story hands-free, as it unfolds.

End Embed Decay

10% of all embedded social content is changed or deleted after being published. This often goes unnoticed to you, but can affect your reader experience and brand reputation. SAM automatically monitors of all your embeds and alerts you whenever content changes or deletions occur.





Increase SEO by reducing the number of broken embed links attributed to your pages.

Receive notifications when users delete or make edits to their posts.

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Decrease your load times

Readers hate slow websites and many drop off before the story even loads. SAM embeds are 46% faster than the average embed load times of the leading social platforms.

Blazing Fast Load Times

"The addition of SAM to our storytelling arsenal enables the Star to provide richer, more meaningful and contextual content that keeps our readers engaged longer and returning more often."

Toronto Star

Erika Tustin

Digital Editor, Toronto Star

Metrics that Matter

Easily measure and quantify the impact your social embeds have on reader engagement and dwell time.

Metrics that Matter
Mobile Optimized
Mobile Optimized

Our embeds are specifically designed to respond to all mobile interfaces and screen sizes.

Unparalleled Speed
Unparalleled Speed

SAM embeds load faster when compared to the average load times of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube

Health Monitoring
Health Monitoring

We monitor the health of all of your social media embeds, ensuring they remain current and intact

Embed Metrics
Embed Metrics

Easily measure and quantify the impact your social embeds have on reader engagement and dwell time.

Unified Design
Unified Design

Consistent design styles across all social platforms, creating a clean and sleek reader experience.

Unlimited Media
Unlimited Media

Social media is the perfect complement to nearly every story. SAM lets you add unlimited media without slowing performance or adding costs.

Live Coverage
Live Coverage

Social and live go hand-in-hand. Our liveblog embed combines social media and real-time reporting to keep your readers informed.

Template Styles
Template Styles

Choose from ten different embed templates to pair social content with any style of narrative.

Instant Articles
Instant & AMP Articles

All embeds are Facebook Instant Article and Google AMP compliant, so you never have to compromise on your publishing process.

Social Media Report Card

After conducting an industry-wide analysis of over 1,000,000 online articles we found a staggering 23% contained social media embeds.

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It looks like social is an increasing part of the way your site presents news stories. Social media is a great way to utilize free, highly visual, and engaging content.

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