Monitor underreported areas with AI-powered crisis alerts

Save crucial time and focus on what matters most, helping those in need and acting quicker.


We're helping NGOs make the world a safer place.

The United Nations estimates that as of today 2 billion people live in fragile and conflict-affected areas of the world. Our platform scans billions of open-source data points daily to alert NGOs to the most important disruptions, reported and unreported.


Help keep your team safe when they're in the field

According to the UN, in the last 8 years, there were more than 660 recorded attacked on more than 1200 aid workers. Monitor the areas your team is actively working in. Respond faster and act smarter when something goes wrong.

multilingual data ingestion

The world is multilingual, and so are we

Samdesk natively ingests content in a multitude of languages, giving our AI the ability to recognize disruptions across the globe.


Only get alerts that matter to you

Our AI intelligently labels each alert, including the type of event, severity level, location, and provides a high-level summary. Customize your alerts and filter your streams so you only get what matters most to your organization and mission.

"Previously we would have had to spend a lot of time, time we don’t have, trawling through a myriad of posts just to verify if an event is something we should look into further. With samdesk, all of that information is in one alert."

Sam Dubberley

Head of Evidence Lab, Crisis Response, Amnesty International