Global Disruption Monitoring Powered by AI

Learn faster, act smarter

Empowered to make more informed decisions with increased speed and accuracy, samdesk users get alerted to disruptions ahead of traditional sources.

Faster Alerts - Faster Response

In times of crisis every minute counts

Three in every five large cities worldwide are at a high risk for disaster; this includes one-third of the world's population.

The Results

What could you do with
45 more minutes?

Samdesk leads the industry for blazing-fast alerts. We give you more time, so you can make more confident decisions.

45 minutes faster

On average, samdesk clients get alerted to disruptive events 45 minutes faster than using traditional media.

Customized alerts

Get alerts that matter to you. Filter alerts by event type, region, severity level, and more. More signal, less noise.

User-friendly platform

Our platform has a simple and efficient interface that saves you time with colour-coded incident types, curated headlines, and more.

We speak your language

We natively ingest alerts in dozens of languages. Easily turn off auto-translate for any of your preferred languages.

How we help you get ahead

Intelligent flagging of crisis terminology

Samdesk AI scans over 1.3 billion open-source data points every day and harnesses natural language processing to alert clients to the most relevant incidents.

Automatic notifications

Crisis notifications right to your phone

Get alerted to events that matter most to you, in the way that works best for you. Straight to your phone, email, via Slack, and more. Want a specific integration that we don't have listed? Just ask. We'd love to make your life a little bit easier.


Making sure we don’t "cry wolf"

Our AI is constantly learning and refining so you receive the most accurate and relevant alerts possible. Developing crises aren't always black and white, so our intelligent system lets you know if we still need more information to accurately define a location or other elements of an event.

June 2 2021

Case Study: University of Alberta

Find out why the University of Alberta trusts samdesk to help keep their institution safe.

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