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Powerful Social Media Search

SAM enables some of the most comprehensive social media search. Search across multiple social networks with powerful filters that help pin-point valuable social media content.

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A Simple-to-Use Platform for Social Media Workflows, Collaboration and Storytelling.

Curation on a Whole Other Level

Curate and keep track of all the best social media content inside of SAM. Collect, organize, tag and collaborate in real-time. Go beyond simple collections and build workflows to power your social media storytelling.

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Templates & Plugins for Publishing, Websites, Events & Broadcast


Display each asset in your story one at a time in a slideshow format.


Display the entire story in a simple stacked list view.


View this story's assets overlayed on an interactive map.


Show the entire story in a neatly organized masonry style grid.

SAM is a tool for telling stories. Simply select one of our many, ready to-go templates, customise it to get the right look - then Embed, Publish, Present, Broadcast and get your Story out!

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