Global Disruption Monitoring Powered by AI

Building a real time Knowledge Engine

Learning about a crisis in the earliest instance helps our customers support their teams, clients, and operations 365 days a year.

Our mission

Harnessing the information economy by leveraging AI and using it as a force for good.

We make sense of the world’s most valuable real-time data sources with the purpose to create a safer world.


It all began in Edmonton, a city in the Prairies

Samdesk was founded in 2013 and is proudly headquartered in Edmonton, Canada. We also have offices in London, England, and support customers around the world. We are a fast-growing team of dreamers and builders, who genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

Leadership Team

We hire the best people, with the most creative minds 
and biggest brains.

James Neufeld

Chief Executive Officer

Ashlyn Bernier

Chief Operating Officer

Sean Solbak

Chief Technical Officer

Tina Tuli

Chief Marketing Officer

Louise Tierney

Senior Vice President, Alerts and Data

Board of Directors

James Neufeld

Founder & CEO

Jim Kennedy

Board Chair, SVP Associated Press

Mark Little

Journalist & Entrepreneur

Dr. Osmar Zaiane

Scientific Director, Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute

Brian Craig

Principal, Adventure Capital

Martin Vetter

Senior Investment Manager, AVAC Group

We Empower Clients Around the Globe

We happily serve a vast range of clients from fortune 500 companies to tech start-ups to the public sector and everything in between.

We are Award Winning

2020 Peace and Justice Strong Institutions Award

CogX celebrates innovators, visionaries, and changemakers who are helping the world get the next ten years right. CogX Awards are given to those who have made a significant breakthrough or contribution to helping the world address sustainable development goals.