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November 26, 2018

Case Study: Aer Lingus

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Case Study: Aer Lingus

Having access to breaking information from SAM means that we keep on top of the various incidents...

Product Announcement

NEW: AI Event Detection in Arabic

SAM AI now detects events from social media in Arabic. This means faster and more accurate results...

Product Announcement

NEW: Multi-language AI Event Detection

SAM AI now detects events from Tweets in multiple languages. This means faster and more accurate results...

Product Announcement

NEW FEATURE: Filter by the Sources You Trust

Starting today you can now filter breaking information by three source categories; Official, News and Chatter.

Company News Product Announcement

Snap and SAM Partner to Break News Even Faster!

We’re extremely excited to be partnering with Snap and be amongst the first to get our hands...


Using SAM’s Knowledge Engine to Detect Business Continuity Crises

Business continuity teams are under constant pressure to reduce the impact disruptions have on downtime - where...


Monitoring Conflict Zones Without Relying on the Wandering Media Focus

It’s increasingly difficult to monitor risk in conflict zones that are losing western media attention. Social media...


Analyzing A Week of Catastrophic Aviation Failures

The Real-Time Knowledge Engine has now been up and running for about a month and we’re starting...

Note Showcase

Using Our Real-Time Knowledge Engine to Alert on Earthquakes Faster Than Government Sources

Accessing timely information during a natural disaster is of paramount importance for government organizations and emergency responders....

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