Respond Faster to Crisis Events

In times of crisis every minute counts.

Samdesk is a global disruption monitoring platform powered by big data and artificial intelligence. We help you protect your people, assets, and brand with real-time crisis alerts.

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Explosion Port Beirut, Lebanon

Stunning video shows explosions just minutes ago at Beirut port

Crash Aircraft Durango, Mexico

Translated: Fall from @Aeromexico airplane extra official figures speak of more than eight people killed and about 80 people injured.

Explosion Mogadishu, Somalia

Subhanalah We are safe but this More than Explosion, dad Ma Noola

Fire Skyscraper Dubai, United Arab Emirates

#torchtower #dubai hope everybody in the building got out safely

Pedestrian Incident New York City, New York

The scaffolding on Prince & Broadway just fell and people are trapped underneath it.

What is Samdesk?

Blazing fast crisis alerts

Samdesk is an AI-powered global disruption monitoring tool. We deliver speedy alerts and situational awareness to help you respond to critical events with speed and confidence.

Things you didn't know

We notify you fast when things go wrong, by harnessing big data and the power of AI.

Things you need to know

We give you a quick sense of what is going on with pictures, videos, nearby events coupled with live traffic, weather, and more.

How it all impacts you

We help you act smarter and faster, with asset monitoring, curated event summaries, smart filters, and more.

What sets us apart from the rest

We deliver fast alerts, and give you a clear view of what is happening, all within one platform.


Industry-leading AI technology means samdesk customers get notified of crises 45 minutes faster on average vs traditional media.

Live Updates

Get the full picture as it's happening, with live updates on local traffic, weather, air quality, and more.

Notifications Integrations

Get notifications in the way that works best for you. Straight to your phone, email, via Slack, and more.


Samdesk natively ingests content in dozens of languages, giving our AI the ability to recognize disruptions across the globe.

Location Relevance

Each Samdesk Alert includes an interactive map that shows you where an event is happening, and if any other incidents are occurring nearby.

Situational Awareness

Corroborate information fast with photos, videos, and curated incident summaries.

iphone 12 pro
Fire fighter
Evacuation Aston St. UK 7m

Building evacuated due to gas leak

Fire fighter
Fire Birmingham Ormiston Academy 10m

Fire dept currently tackling massive fire at apartment block

Fire fighter
Unrest Fazeley St. UK 15m

Clashes in the street between protestors and police

Use Cases

Act quicker, respond smarter

The samdesk platform empowers teams to act faster with confidence, protecting their people, assets, and brand.

Crisis Alerts

Get the fastest disruption alerts, anytime, anywhere.

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Incident Monitoring

Track an ongoing event, with live updates, and on-the-ground visuals.

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Asset Protection

Get notified any time a disruption event happens near one of your assets.

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Mobile Monitoring

Get notified of disruptions near you, in real-time, when you're on the go.

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