SAM v2 Beta

The Real-Time Knowledge Engine.

Turning unstructured social media chatter into actionable insight and awareness—know what’s happening, when it happens.

Power Outage in Atlanta, Georgia

Their emergency PSA system is working now but no one is allowed to leave the airport as of yet and no update on when the power will be back @atlairport Atlanta Airport

Explosion in Mogadishu, Somalia

Subhanalah We are safe but this More than Explosion, dad Ma Noola

Fire in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

#torchtower #dubai hope everybody in the building got out safely

Train Derailment in Tacoma, Washington

Crazy Amtrak crash on I-5.

Pedestrian Incident in New York City, New York

The scaffolding on Prince & Broadway just fell and people are trapped underneath it.

Private boat owners coming from all over to help evacuate people from homes around Houston. This man has been going all day. #HoustonFlood

Immediate Alerts

SAM analyzes social media at a scale unattainable to humans, grouping correlated social chatter with corroborating media reports to give you the advantage of time when you need it most.

Automated Awareness

SAM is your AI Analyst. Automatically sourcing social chatter, media reports, photos, videos, and location data to give you complete situational awareness in times of crisis.


Location extraction and triangulation.

Event Feed

Grouped social media reports.


Eye-witness and media visuals.


Corroborating news reports.

    Corporate Security

    Supercharge your operations center by improving analyst accuracy and emergency response times.


    Stay one step ahead of competitors by breaking news faster with trustworthy social sources.


    Track worldwide events with instant information and reporting, to ensure safety and minimize the impact of disruption.

    First Responders

    React faster and more effectively by staying informed of events transpiring on a city-by-city level.


    Monitor underreported areas and assess deteriorating situations in order to provide the most effective aid response.

    Transport & Logistics

    Quickly restore critical business function and execute contingency plans when infrastructure failures threaten operations.


    Offer the best possible protection to your staff and patrons with immediate situational awareness during unexpected events.


    Receive the first indications of market-moving events, allowing you to act first on the opportunity.

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