What we are building

If knowledge is power, samdesk is the most powerful platform ever built.

We make sense of the world’s text and sensory data in real-time to support safer, more efficient organizations and societies. We help our users act faster with more clarity at a time when action can make the biggest difference.

Our Team

Focused on supporting each other while pushing technological boundaries and ourselves

We are nothing without our people. We are where we are today because of our team – pushing the status quo daily to deliver a truly meaningful product in an increasingly volatile world.

We strive to ensure our team and our clients leave every interaction feeling that we have their back. We have a shared commitment to improving ourselves and helping one another succeed, guided by our core values:

🥧 Humility

🚢 Iteration

🤗 Empathy

🔐 Trust

  • A group of passionate, intelligent people working on a fantastic product that helps solve a major global real-world problem. The positive impact the solution provides to its customer base is incredibly rewarding.

    — Kaelyn

    Product Team

  • Truly diverse teams encourage and capitalise on diversity of thought, and work transparently and cohesively with one another. We’re wholeheartedly committed to hiring diversely and have enhanced the hiring and interviewing process to help achieve this.

    — Sylvia

    Real-time Coverage Team

  • What we are trying to achieve at samdesk is HARD - building a company, an innovative product, entering new markets - it's inherently challenging and takes humility and grit. We support each other on this journey with encouragement, feedback, and empathy.

    — Ashlyn

    Operations Team