Crisis Alerts

SAM is a global disruption monitoring tool. We deliver speedy alerts and situational awareness through the lens of social media.

Explosion in Mogadishu, Somalia

Subhanalah We are safe but this More than Explosion, dad Ma Noola

Fire Skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

#torchtower #dubai hope everybody in the building got out safely

Train Derailment in Tacoma, Washington

Crazy Amtrak crash on I-5.

Pedestrian Incident in New York City, New York

The scaffolding on Prince & Broadway just fell and people are trapped underneath it.

Crash Aircraft in Mexico City, Mexico

Translated: Fall from @Aeromexico airplane extra official figures speak of more than eight people killed and about 80 people injured.

Private boat owners coming from all over to help evacuate people from homes around Houston. This man has been going all day. #HoustonFlood

“Having access to breaking information from SAM means that we keep on top of the various incidents and events that have the potential impact on our service delivery.”

- Paul Buckley, Aer Lingus, Head of Social Media

“I like that we can feel like we’re on top of all the unpredictable events happening on our patch, without having to deal with all the irrelevant noise and distractions of tons of TweetDeck columns. It’s made my job easier, 100%.”

- Stephen Jones, Social Media Editor, Press Association

“We want to know what is going on as soon as possible without all the noise that typically comes from manually monitoring social media. We tried many approaches such as TweetDeck, but most of that information is just clutter and loud talk. Hard to follow, and interpret. It was just not effective enough to us. SAM solved all this.”

- Paul Hildreth, Emergency Operations, FCS

“For companies looking to have access to a source of global information, around the clock, we’d definitely recommend SAM as a great first point of information.”

- Karl Kirkcaldy, MSyl, Group Head of Intelligence, Anvil Group

Act Quicker

Empowered to make more informed decisions with increased speed and accuracy, SAM users get alerted to disruptions ahead of traditional sources.

Smarter Decisions

Understanding the situation is more important than ever before. SAM gives you eye-witness accounts, live visuals and raw data to make the most informed decision.


Location extraction and triangulation.

Event Feed

Grouped social media reports.


Eye-witness and media visuals.


Corroborating news reports.

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