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Security professionals stand in front of a vehicle
Security professionals stand in front of a vehicle

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January 29, 2023

Triumph Protection Group (Triumph) is a private security company providing a wide range of security services including executive protection. Their main goal is to provide the highest level of security, with fast response times and effective threat analysis for their clients. We spoke to Chris Story, Senior Security, and Risk Consultant at Triumph, about some of their biggest challenges and how they’re using samdesk to overcome them.

The challenge

As with many physical security providers, Chris and his team traditionally had to rely on word of mouth or the news to find out about critical events that may impact their clients. Knowing about this information as quickly as possible is key for the Triumph team. As Chris explains, they want to understand the physical environment they are moving into, how and if anything changes while they are present, and lastly, what was the impact of their visit post-trip? “For residential teams, we can act as a remote backup for their operations.”

How samdesk is helping

The Samdesk platform delivers crisis alerts in real-time with the purpose to help our customers act faster, with more confidence, at a time when action can make the biggest difference. Chris explains: “Now we can be alerted in real-time of an event that affects us, or our customers before it hits the news. Sometimes the incidents samdesk alerts us to, don’t even make the news. This shifts the momentum from incident preparation to response because we can act very quickly.”

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  1. Is samdesk different from other alerting tools you may have used or tried in the past?

We have worked with, and tested many different platforms, and believe we have the correct mix to give us what we need. The capability and functionality samdesk offers in their mobile app almost rivals the desktop platform. You have everything you need, right in your pocket, and at your fingertips. We really like the ability to quickly see how far the incident is from our asset and our traveling team. The ability to see both the asset location and the incident detailed on an interactive map is invaluable.

  1. How important is mobile monitoring to your business?

Mobile monitoring is key. The Samdesk Mobile App has been my “go-to” since working remotely. Our SOC (Security Operations Center) team uses the desktop version. In fact, a lot of the pilot testing was done with the Samdesk Mobile App. The Nearby Me feature is fantastic to remain aware of what is happening in the area without getting bombarded with alerts that don't apply at the very moment. . The Nearby Me feature allows us to focus not only on the alerts that impact our organization but also allows agents to get away from constantly monitoring their phones. This provides our agents with extra time to focus on the people and places they are protecting.

  1. What made you choose samdesk?

We chose samdesk for a few reasons. The platform capabilities are number one. That was easy. The UI experience has the user in mind. It is easy to navigate with clear labels and a colour code system that categorizes events for easy reference. Additionally, the ease of learning the platform was also a big plus. The biggest driver in our decision was tied to the mobile app. The ability to have quick, easy, and accessible information all within one event window enabled our teams to corroborate details in real-time. The similarities between the desktop and mobile platforms allowed our mobile and SOC teams to corroborate the same information easily and accurately. Last but not least, I have to mention the samdesk team. The sales and support teams are top-notch and very responsive! A true partnership attitude with their customers.

  1. What kind of Alerts would Triumph act on?

We act on crime events, traffic disruptions, man-made and natural disasters – really anything that can have a negative impact on our operations. Understanding what is going on around us is important, as it gives us context, and an advantage we can pass on to our own customers.

Samdesk is very robust and easy to use. The support team is very knowledgeable and helpful in ensuring we are receiving the information needed for our security operations. Their onboarding and training experience allowed us to quickly integrate the platform into our day-to-day operations.

  1. How have Samdesk Alerts helped Triumph Protection Group?

What really sold us on the platform during our trial was a crisis alert that was triggered across the country, where one of our team member’s family resides. The app alerted us to the incident within 6 minutes of the critical event, allowing our team member to guide their family away from danger. That would not have happened without samdesk.

In another incident, samdesk alerted us of a fire that was within the sightline of one of our executive’s residences. We were able to notify him of the event which had been pushing a lot of smoke into his area. Fortunately, the fire was contained and our executive was safe. The executive was not aware of the fire and samdesk allowed us to have the right information at our fingertips to ensure we could take action if needed.

  1. How has the team found using the Samdesk Platform?

Using the platform is seamless and has allowed our team to quickly adapt the system’s capabilities into their day-to-day responsibilities. Samdesk is a robust system that has been designed for ease of use and has intuitive features. You don’t need to be tech-savvy or obtain an IT/Engineering degree to use the platform effectively. It seems to have been built with the user in mind.

  1. What samdesk feature do you find most useful?

I use the mobile app on a daily basis. It allows me to monitor areas with the ability to filter and segment based on my changing needs. I check into the platform multiple times a day to provide me with a pulse on what is happening in the environments we monitor. With that said, the real-time traffic feature is an excellent addition to determine if and how incidents impact mobility. For protective operations with traveling executives, understanding the safest routes is crucial.

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