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Samdesk partners with Transport for London to make roads safer

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January 29, 2023

We are excited to announce that samdesk is partnering with Transport for London (TfL), to reduce road danger and disruption caused by roadworks and unplanned incidents on the UK capital’s road network.

How it started

In 2019, TfL launched an innovation challenge called RoadLab, which called on the UK’s leading innovators to develop technology that could make roadworks in the capital safer, smarter, and more accessible. Nine innovators were chosen to go through a ten-week programme, where their proposed technology was trialled and developed with the support of London’s major utility companies and London Councils.

Following a procurement process, TfL has now awarded contracts to samdesk and UK tech company Immense for technology that will make the management of London’s road network safer, smarter and more efficient.

The project

Software from samdesk leverages artificial intelligence and real-time public data to detect emerging disruptions, giving TfL staff a faster and more comprehensive insight into incidents unfolding across the transport network. Having early access to information about incidents across London will help TfL to respond to them more quickly.

Ensuring that people and goods can move around the capital’s road network safely and efficiently is vital to a healthy and sustainable recovery from coronavirus. TfL is now working with samdesk to prepare the new technology for use on the capital’s road network.

Rikesh Shah, TfL’s Head of Commercial Innovation, said:

"The technology developed by both samdesk and Immense builds on the great results we achieved following the research and development work with RoadLab. This delivered nine innovative solutions in ten weeks, an astounding effort for both the public and private sector which we hope to build on in future innovation challenges."

From our CEO, James Neufeld:

"We’re excited to support and learn from TfL in their mission to keep Londoners moving while making it a safer, smarter and more sustainable city. By applying our Artificial Intelligence platform, TfL will spot disruptive events that impede the flow and safety of travellers minutes to hours faster.

In the time that TfL has been piloting our platform, we’ve already seen strong numerical results. From fast rerouting of buses due to building fires to spotting platform overcrowding, our partnership is already making London a more efficient and safer city."

Click here to read the full Transport for London press release